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Will you be our hero for the holidays?

Hope Services need your help this holiday season

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Help children like Carla, Laila, Lucia, and Maya have the best developmental outcomes!

Dear Hope Hero,

This has been a time for heroes. At Hope Services, we see scores of heroes every day in our essential staff, our clients and their families, like Michele and Jose Peris, parents of 13-month-old quadruplets: Carla, Laila, Lucia, and Maya. We know there’s a hero in you.

For Michele and Jose welcoming their girls last March, four months premature, was not how they envisioned meeting their babies. All four infants had extensive NICU stays that lasted between three and five months. Each has different challenges including reflux and some feeding difficulties, and Maya has a g-tube for feeding. The Peris were guided to Hope Services for help.

What they found was hope. Now 13 months old, all four girls have received virtual early intervention as well as monthly physical therapy for Maya for the past seven months through Hope’s Homestart Early Intervention Program. And they are showing tremendous developmental progress.

Heroes like you make this possible. Your donation will bring hope to families like the Peris. It will assure that children like Carla, Laila, Lucia, and Maya can have the best developmental outcomes, possibly eradicating the need for special education services later in life. Your donation assures that Hope Services can make quality therapists, services and care available for people with developmental disabilities and mental health issues.

Your donation of $500 can provide one infant or child in our Homestart program to receive services for a month. I am hoping you will be a hero and making a donation today!

So go on, be a hero and let us know Hope is your super power.

With thanks,

Charles "Chip" Huggins, JD